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Milky Way & Mountains In The Alvord Desert

Please email for sign-ups and more information.

Instructor: Devin Tolman

When: Friday, June 15th - 17th

Fee: $450

Deposit: $50

Fee Includes: Transportation, 2 nights lodging, location guide, post-processing, tuition

Group Size: 6 people max

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Required Equipment: A digital camera capable of manual settings and a steady tripod. A laptop for post-production lessons is recommended.

A detailed packing list will be sent out upon sign up*

I would like to invite you to join me for a special 2 night, 3-day workshop in one of my all-time favorite locations, the Alvord Desert. With transportation and lodging taken care of, you can truly dive into the diverse landscape. From the Mountains that surround us, to the dry playa beneath our feet and the stars above our head, you won't want to miss this special one of a kind adventure.

Workshop Information

In this special workshop, I will be teaching you the finer points of manual settings, composition, lens selection, working with light, photographing the Milky Way, as well as an in-depth post processing lesson. Together we will see the sun come up until the stars come out on the desert adventure of a lifetime! In the rain shadow of the Steens Mountains, we will be greeted by all different types of weather and light. We will be traveling under a new moon and our view into the galaxy will be a deep and dark one. The best conditions you could hope for in a landscape like this! Oh, did I mention access to the hot springs, too?

Workshop Program

Leaving us plenty of time to stop and enjoy the views, our adventure starts early Friday morning. We will load into the provided vehicles and begin our adventure into the remote parts of southwestern Oregon. It's a long journey with seemingly endless expansive views of unique mountains and valleys.

Upon our arrival, we will be staying in "M.A.S.H." units (Mobile Alvord Sleeping Huts) which provide heat, power, shelter, and a bed to call home. I will provide dinner upon our arrival but the remainder of meals are your own personal responsibility.

The following days will be filled with lessons from sunrise to sunset and into the night. With unlimited 24/7 access to the hot springs, we will be sure to do our fair share of necessary relaxation too.

Upon the weekend's end, we will make our way back to Portland with not only a range of new inspiration and ideas but also an extensive range of new images.

We do not set out a specific course guide as we will react to the conditions we are presented with on the day. Rain or shine, the adventure continues! The most beautiful things in life, happen for the shortest amount of time.

If you would you like a private post-processing lesson after the workshop or you can't make it to the party, Private Lessons are available upon request.

To review our refund and cancellation policy, click HERE.

Email to sign up and if you have questions, comments, or special requests.

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