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Private Lessons

Highly customizable lesson plans with a location list from the mountains to the ocean. The world is our classroom and I aim to open your eyes and help you see things in a new light.

Receive personalized one-on-one photography instruction from professional photographer, Devin Tolman. This unique opportunity will have you taking your photography skills to the next level! Whether you want to learn how to use your new camera, or you're a seasoned photographer looking to learn a new skill, this is for you.

Customizable lesson plans based on the fundamental principles of design, landscape, low-light scenes, motion, and portraiture.

It would be nearly impossible to list everything, but here are some of the things you can learn—and master!

Topics Include:

Automatic settings (AV, TV, full auto) 

Aperture (also known as F-Stops or Depth Of Field)

Shutter Speeds


Lens selection


Working with light

Metering Modes (Evaluative and Spot)

White Balance



Also available:

Post-Processing and Media Management

Color Correction 

Blending multiple exposures

Time Lapse techniques

Photographing during Blue Hour, Sunrise, Golden Hour, Sunset and Astrophotography.

Class Requirments: DSLR or point & shoot camera (manual settings preferred)

Ages: 11+ (Guardians over the age of 18 attend with a child at no additional charge)

Cost: $75/hr, Minimum 2 hours.

Discounts include one free hour when signing up with a friend!

Contact Devin to schedule your private lesson, today! 

Email all questions to

or call (503)522-8173

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