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Tom McCall Nature Preserve - Sunset Flower Walk

Please email devintolmanphotography@gmail.com for sign-ups and more information.

Instructor: Devin Tolman

When: Sunday, May 20th

Fee: $85 

Deposit: $25 

Fee Includes: Tuition, Location Guide

Group Size: 6 people max

Level: All skill levels welcome

Suggested Equipment: Camera (Automatic or Manual),

a variety of lenses, and a sturdy tripod.

Take a walk with me in beautiful, flower-filled fields of bright purple Lupin and golden yellow Balsamroot. Walk the fields of color at Tom McCall's Nature Preserve learning different photographic still-life and landscape techniques. 

Workshop Information

This class is designed for entry-level photographers who want to learn how to use their equipment in a beautiful and photogenic environment. Learn how your manual settings play an important role in accurately capturing this unique and diverse landscape. This class is also for those want to learn more advanced landscape techniques and correctly photograph golden hour, through the sunset.

Workshop Program:

We will begin our adventure by meeting at the Rowena Crest Trailhead at 5 pm. After a short discussion and introduction, we will make our way up the McCall Point Hike. A short 3-mile roundtrip hike covered in flowers and vista views. From the top, you will be greeted with views of Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge! A golden few hours of flowers, color, and light.

We do not set out a specific course guide as we will react to the conditions we are presented with on the day. Rain or shine, the adventure continues! The most beautiful things in life, happen for the shortest amount of time.

If you would you like a private post-processing lesson after the workshop or you can't make it to the party, private lessons are available upon request. CLICK HERE for more information.

Email DevinTolmanPhotography@gmail.com to sign-up or if you have questions, comments, or special requests.

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